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Public funded AVGS-Coaching for your career or your business start-up at AKR Consult

Publicly funded advice and coaching

sponsored by the Arbeitsagentur or the Jobcenter

In our AVGS-Coaching AKR Consult accompanies you with a competent and experienced team purposefully with your requests & questions:

  • introduction to self-employment and starting a business
  • career coaching – career planning and job search

Your coaching can be funded by the Arbeitsagentur or the Jobcenter with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS). The AKR team will be happy to assist you in a free orientation meeting to clarify your expectations and questions on the subject of AVGS-Coaching.

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How we help you

  • individual coaching & consulting by a competent team
  • job orientation, application training and career coaching
  • Preparation of the balance of skills (Kompetenzenbilanz)
  • advice on your application strategy and documents
  • introduction to self-employment and your way to start a business
  • business plan development
  • financial planning & how to get funding/debt capital
  • marketing concept & acquisition strategy
  • preparation of the expert opinion (Fachkundige Stellungnahme) for the Gruendungszuschuss

What to expect in the coaching process at AKR Consult

Have you already got an AVGS activation and placement voucher from the employment agency or the job centre? Then simply come by to get to know us (click). In a free orientation meeting we will clarify your questions about our AVGS coaching, your consulting needs and concerns as well as your expectations. We discuss the coaching approach of AKR Consult and our team and clarify the formalities around our AVGS-Coaching. The sponsored AVGS-Coaching requires at least two appointments per week and lasts a maximum of eight weeks. This leaves us enough time for your questions and concerns during the coaching process.

Do you have any questions about AVGS-Coaching or how to apply for the placement voucher? We will be happy to discuss these with you. Just drop by for a cup of coffee or tea.

AVGS-Coaching at AKR Consult which is funded by the Arbeitsagentur or Jobcenter focuses on topics around job search/career planning as well as self-employment and how to start your own business. We do not offer off-the-peg advice according to the scheme F. We take us time for and your concerns and accompany you individually. AVGS-Coaching at AKR Consult always takes place in 1:1 settings with your coach. Good consulting needs time and leisure.

What our customers say about the AVGS-Coaching

The AVGS-Coaching by AKR Consult was very helpful and successful for the Gruendungszuschuss.- Andreas from Berlin
The special thing about the coaching at AKR is the teamwork, with whose help I was able to answer my questions.- Lena from Berlin
I can only recommend the AKR team approach - very helpful!- Gülsün aus Berlin
Free orientation meeting?
Some facts about the AVGS-Coaching at AKR Consult

You will find all the information you need to apply for a placement voucher (AVGS) at the Arbeitsagentur or the Jobcenter below:

AKR Consult Berlin offers two certified AVGS-Coachings (measures):

Action number:
962/166/19 (vocational orientation/career coaching)
Title of action:
Advising unemployed and people at risk of becoming unemployed on how to enter the labour market
Action number:
962/29/18 (start-up coaching)
Title of action:
Advising unemployed and people at risk of unemployment on how become self-employed

AKR Consult is certified according to AZAV guidelines and we also have a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2015. Our AVGS -Coaching is certified according to AZAV by Certuria and Zertpunkt.

How to get an AVGS  voucher from the Arbeitsagentur?
  1. Choose a suitable AVGS-Coaching here:
    AVGS Coaching-Angebot der Arbeitsagenur
  2. Schedule an appointment with your employment agent at the Arbeitsagentur or the Jobcenter.
  3. Discuss your coaching needs and the appropriate AVGS-Coaching voucher with your employment agent (Arbeitsvermittler) – Choose between carrer coaching/application training or self-employment.
  4. Book a free of charge orientation meeting with AKR: